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If, as we speak, you carry the title of affiliate marketer, congratulations! 2020 must have been a blow. With online sales rising by 76% between June 2019 and June 2020, only good revenues, larger niches, and higher conversions are anticipated from 2021.

Although voice-search optimization and data-driven marketing have remained the most prominent trends consistently for a few years, 2021 will see some changes as we discover more and more forms of affiliate marketing, and new domains are making their place in the marketing room.

Below are the most likely 2021 affiliate marketing patterns.

  • Seasonal Publicity
  • Native Publicity
  • Advertising B2B
  • Localized advertising;
  • Video Contents

Seasonal Affiliate

The days are gone where advertisers have been associated with the same goods and labels until the end of time. Now when and when there is a change in seasons, there is often a shift in the most marketed items. Brands and advertisers can gauge changing patterns and are quick to exploit them with data monitoring tools.

When more and more companies use customer data for advertising their goods, seasonal ads will be high in 2021.

This pattern is already gaining momentum. For example, there was a surge in offers for online courses in 2020 on GrabOn’s famous coupons website, with the advent of a global lockdown. Start-up coupons say they’ve seen 210 percent more searches for online courses in 2020.

Similarly, the hunt for the same word was at the height of its popularity in April 2020, as reported by Google Trends.

Tools such as Google Keywords Planner offer predictions of how the product will be searched on the online market. Statistics can be a valuable tool for data-driven marketing.

Native Affiliate

Native Advertising is where advertising is not performed in the conventional banner-ad style but is instead carefully slipped into the text. This will become overly famous in 2021, as studies show that it is a more successful means of marketing. In reality, with so much exposure to banner advertising, users have developed a kind of “banner blindness.” Meaning that our minds are filtering out unwanted stimuli, leading to utter disregard for banners.

So while we’re side-line advertising to concentrate on content, it’s a brilliant idea to put ads within its content. Trends like influencer-marketing and ads would gain even more momentum in this initiative. Research has shown that almost half of all social media users trust the influencer’s recommendation and will turn it into a buying decision.

Advertising B2B

We are now seeing a spike in B2B marketing. More and more B2B businesses are opening up to affiliate marketing. As a result, affiliate advertisers are no longer relegated to B2C promotions.

Affiliate web hosting programs are extremely lucrative, considering their high-volume high-payout structure. To get an idea, check out the ResellerClub affiliate program itself. Depending on the kit you want to sell, 25 sales can be made anywhere between Rs.73,500 and Rs.1,47,500!

Localized advertising

Localization is no longer just a matter of meeting the local audience. It means reaching out to their minds. To do so, affiliate marketers are now observing their audiences’ communities, researching what works and what doesn’t, keeping up-to-date with their patterns, and knowing their lifestyles and priorities.

This leads to a much more finely curated marketing experience. Your niche is a group of people from different backgrounds. Each person interacts with your product differently. Although organic soap is premium for some, it may be non-standard for others. How are you going to sell your soap to all groups? Although some want to buy your car because it’s status-enhancing, others may want it because of its space and versatility. What kind of sound do you want to use when advertising? These are only a couple of the many factors that need to be considered when marketing a niche.

Video Contents

Video is a much more powerful medium when it comes to ads. Research by Wyzowl shows that over 72% of people like to know their favorite product through videos. Not only that, video viewers are much more likely to recall a call-to-action than blog readers. Here’s another piece of statistics from the same research: about 84 percent of consumers choose to buy something after seeing the same thing.

It says a lot about the strength of the videos. But even then, this medium has not been fully used in the last few years. You will see some brilliant content on YouTube, high traffic, and strong product placement, and yet the video ends without any kind of marketing involved.

This process is likely to become more streamlined by 2021. It would become a norm for content creators to reach out to brands before making a video, instead of brands only having to do their job.


Its dynamism distinguishes the field of marketing. It’s not two years the same. But while there’s always going to be patterns that catch you off guard, it’s not supposed to stop you from measuring, monitoring, and getting ready. Understanding what affiliate marketing is going to be like in 2021, we hope you can effectively incorporate it, try new approaches, learn, and continue to improve as a marketer.

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